A relatively recent (and quite popular) trend is the Proposal Session...

hiring a photographer (that would be me!) to document the

romance and joy that surrounds 'popping the question'.  

Communicating beforehand (usually via email, a few weeks

prior) the proposer selects a location and time for the event.

Most often, it's a public place, perhaps with special meaning

for the couple.  Exact locations for the proposal, how it's to be

done (not always down on one knee!) and for camera position

are worked out in advance, and I arrive early to start taking

photos (like a tourist) so that my presence goes unnoticed.  

When the big moment arrives, I'm shooting away, capturing

every look of surprise, every tear of joy, every hug, every kiss,

as it occurs...  after things calm down a bit, my presence is pointed

out, and I join the couple for a mini engagement session.

Talk about fun!

Proposal Sessions include basic editing and quick turnaround (nearly always within 72 hours) of the images, as well as the files on disc and print release.  You can tweet them, put them on facebook, use them for your 'save the date' cards... anything you like, really.  Some couples even start their wedding album off with images from the proposal session.

Proposal Sessions are $250, prepaid.